Local Services Directory (Cardiff & the Vale of Glamorgan)

In this section you will find information and contact details for organisations that provide services in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan. Do not hesitate to give them a call if you would like to use their service or find out more information.

Listed below are five of the most useful services and who provides them.


Advocacy services offer active support in arguing your case e.g. issues around paying for care or housing. See entries for:

  • Age Connects Cardiff and Vale
  • Alzheimer’s Society, (South East Wales Locality
  • Community Health Councils


Counselling can offering emotional and psychological support to those feeling unable to cope with events in their lives. Many relatives and carers of older people with mental health needs can benefit from appropriate counselling, both during their period of caring and when it is over. Several organisations can provide counselling as part of their services -see entries for:

  • Consultant Psychiatrists
  • Crossroads in the Vale
  • Cruse
  • Journeys


Equipment to aid caring at home such as commodes, walking frames etc may be obtained through contacting the Community Mental Health Team (see entry).


Most organisations encourage and directly look for Carers and Service Users’ experience and knowledge in the services they are developing or offering. Listed below are some specific organisations that do this, if you are interested in participating in this important area please contact them directly.

See entries for:

  • Alzheimer's Society
  • Cardiff and Vale Action for Mental Health (cavamh)
  • Carers Centre
  • Carers UK
  • Mind

Respite Care

Respite Care is the name given to the help provided in order to give a short or longer term break to the carers/relatives of older people with mental health needs in the community. Following an assessment, this can range from a sitting service for a few hours in a person’s own home or in a care home placement for a week or longer. This can be provided within a Residential Nursing Home, or within a specialist Older People’s Mental Health Hospital ward if the service user meet the Continuing Health Care criteria.Access to Respite Care is usually negotiated with a 'Case Manager'-see Community Mental Health Teams for Older People, and a financial assessment may be necessary if the placement is within a Residential or Nursing Home (though private arrangements for Respite Care can sometimes be made).

Last Updated: February 2017
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