Carers Trust Wales

Carers Trust Wales, Transport House, 1 Cathedral Road, Cardiff, CF11 9HA

Tel: 0300 7729702


We are part of Carers Trust, an ambitious national charity committed to improving support and services for unpaid carers.

We do this by:

  • Recognising and celebrating the essential contributions carers make
  • Raising awareness of the barriers faced by carers of all ages
  • Working with decision-makers to ensure that appropriate support is available to empower carers to live happy and fulfilling lives
  • We work with Network Partners - local services that deliver direct support to carers - making the most of our collective experience, expertise and innovations.

You can find your nearest Carers Trust Network Partner for local support by using our Find your local service facility on our website or by calling 0300 772 9702


Last Updated: November 2019
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