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April 2021 - we are aware that some of the information contained is out of date, and are happy to receive any updates from entrants. From the end of April we will have someone in our team working to get as many entries updated as possible. A link to that person will be provided within the next week. In the meantime you can email any changes to

UPDATE - April 2021.  For the most part cavamh staff are still working from home. The 029 2022 2000 is still in use, you can leave a message, or email

This Directory was compiled initially in 2003 by Cardiff & Vale Mental Health Development Project [now cavamh - Cardiff and Vale Action for Mental Health]  with funding and support from the then Bro Taf Health Authority, Cardiff Local Authority and Cardiff Local Health Group. Support has also been forthcoming from a number of agencies, including Cardiff & Vale NHS Trust , Bro Morgannwg NHS Trust, Vale of Glamorgan Council, Vale Local Health Group, and Cardiff & Vale Mental Health Forum.

Primarily intended for providers of services, it includes information for both statutory and voluntary sector services.

The 2011 edition of the Directory is funded by Cardiff Council, and Cardiff & Vale University Health Board. We would also like to thank all contributors, both voluntary and statutory for their input.

Despite our best efforts we are aware that the contents are not exhaustive. Comments on all aspects of this Directory are very welcome, and can be addressed to:

84 Glebe Street

Penarth CF64 1EF
Tel: 029 2022 2000


Last Updated: April 2021
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