Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Psychological Therapies Management Committee (PTMC)

The following issues were discussed at the PTMC:
  • Addictions Unit
  • Massive demand for Psychological Therapies
  • A new version of Matrics Cymru is imminent. It includes two levels of training.
  • No progress with waiting times
  • An Introduction to Psychological Therapies has been written by Ian Hughes, Consultant Clinical psychologist. Copies were distributed and feedback requested. MMc would collate the feedback.
  • The dynamics of the PTMC now seem better.

Suicide and Self Harm Group (SSHG)

  • Met at Hafan Y Coed. Various other ‘interested’ groups have attended SSHG meetings. Various ‘hot spots’ have been identified eg the Gabalfa Interchange. However, most self harm/suicide happens at home.
  • Deaths/self harm in prison, not considered.
  • There is a document in the ‘pipeline’, it will probably take about a year to produce.
  • The rep feels her voice is being heard.

Mental Health Capacity & Legislation

  • The rep has attended one pre-meeting, but they have not been happening of late.
  • The papers are now circulated in advance, which is a step forward.
  • The rep can go to staff training, but has not done so yet.
  • The meetings of this group are very technical and people refer back to various other documents eg. Mental Capacity Act (MCA).

Local Mental Health Partnership Board (LMHPB)

The topic was ‘Therapeutic Relationships’.

There was small group work to come up with three points to improve the situation. Staff need to take responsibility.

Mental Health Wales Conference 10th May

The attendee commented about suicide rates. She would like to attend next year. It advised about not attending workshops that might cause distress.

Recovery Perspectives

A follow up half day to the ‘How to Live Well with Mental Ill Health’ course was held on 27th April in Penarth. Good feedback was obtained.

Training was done for service users at the 4 Winds on 3rd and 4th May on ‘How to Recommend the 4 Winds’.

A planning meeting was held 4th May.

Psychology User and Carer Committee (PUCC)

The report of the pilot for the Mentoring Scheme was considered. It was generally considered to have been a success. There were some ‘teething problems’ which required attention. 

The rate of renumeration has been increased. Attendance at meetings now warrants £11.50 per hour. The rates will apply across Cardiff University.

Mentoring Scheme of the Doctoral Programme in Clinical Psychology

A Mentors Meeting was held on 16th May. Discussion included how the Programme is going and what the mentees get out of it.

Mental Health Conference on 16th May

This was an enjoyable day and the Open Dialogue Session was mentioned as being as being particularly valuable.

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