What we do


We provide a range of information

  • Local Directories of Mental Health Services
  • Themed information booklets, eg for counselling services, young people
  • We also distribute information through our networks, newsletters, ebulletins and podcasts


We provide a range of training including

  • A programme of annual training for voluntary groups, currently on zoom
  • Training co-produced with people with lived mental health experience to support participation in the planning and delivery of services- e.g Standing Up Speaking Out
  • A menu of trainers and agencies providing training


We offer development support and funding advice for voluntary sector and community groups

For example We have co-ordinated the Dementia Friendly Communities Small Grants Fund on behalf of the Cardiff and Vale Regional Partnership Board, to enable community groups to embed local initiatives.

We have co-ordinated the Dementia Friendly Communities Small Grants Fund on behalf of the Cardiff and Vale Regional Partnership Board, to enable community groups to embed local initiatives.

We liaise with voluntary groups, service users and carers and other stakeholders to through networks and conference events to :

  • identify needs and gaps in services,
  • build partnerships
  • support the development of mental health initiatives.

For example, In collaboration and consultation with service users and carers,  Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan Councils, we coproduced the Cardiff and Vale Charter for Mental Health,

Connecting people- facilitating networks and joint working

cavamh supports groups and individuals to connect and participate in the development and delivery of local services

Operating through networks and interest groups we

  • Share information,
  • Debate best practice
  • Identify unmet needs and local priorities
  • Co-ordinate collective communication with statutory agencies
  • Elect representatives to joint planning meetings
  • Offer mutual support


Cardiff and Vale Mental Health Partnership Board – We support the facilitation of  the local Mental Health Partnership Board, co-produced by people with lived experience, alongside voluntary groups, statutory agencies, and including all stakeholders.

We facilitate networks for voluntary sector groups, people with mental health lived experience and carers through:

  • Cardiff and Vale Mental Health Forum – the network for voluntary sector groups operating in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan
  • Sefyll –  supporting the participation of people with mental health lived experience in adult mental health services
  • Nexus – supporting the participation of older people with mental health lived experience and people living with dementia and their carers
  • Join the Dots – the network for young people aged 11-25 and groups supporting young people

Influencing Change

We support people and groups to influence change by

  •  Promoting consultations and co-ordinating responses
  • Undertaking surveys and focus groups
  • Facilitating discussions and dialogue

Feedback Fortnight co-ordinated perspectives on what is going well, barriers and what would make a difference in mental health services through local community focus groups and a survey, producing a ‘top tips’ tool for organising focus groups

Promoting mental health awareness

We raise awareness of positive mental health and wellbeing by:

  • Communicating positive messages through a range of media.
  • Sharing wellbeing resources
  • Co-ordinating mental health awareness training
  • Co-ordinating activities for World Mental Health Day and other initiatives.


This is what people who we work with have to say about what we do.

“An excellent hub for finding out about or accessing mental health support in Cardiff and the Vale, the ‘go to’ place to start.”

“Nice to be able to raise awareness of mental health with the people providing the services we use. Being able to speak up for service users.”

“Since attending forums and meetings I have made contacts within other services that I would not have had the opportunity to meet. Have found the information at networking events, meetings and forums not only informative but able to access training in specialised areas that impact on people’s mental health e.g. Hoarding.”

“Champions and sueg made me try to expand what I am doing and helps me to help myself. It’s non-judgemental everyone is equal it helps me to stretch myself more and gives me satisfaction that I am doing something important. Its somewhere that makes me feel like I belong. I feel connected.”

“Monthly zoom meetings have really helped with my mental health, gave me a purpose and helped me to feel less isolated.”

“The advice and support hasn’t stopped. Ideas/innovations have continued in spite of covid.”

“Thank you for your invaluable work and the resource you have been to support the Welsh Ambulance Service along its journey of understanding regarding Mental Health.”

“It was a useful and friendly point of contact when I needed support.”

“I can’t explain exactly how it works as such but I do know that it DOES work and that I wouldn’t want to NOT be a part of it. I would miss it if it wasn’t there in so many ways.”

“Talking with Helen from time to time has been of enormous use – both on the information front and also as an easy way of ‘filing’ my random thoughts and queries.”

“Due to attending a forum and a follow-up meeting; arrangements were made for our organisation to hold a weekly drop-in at our local mental health clinic which proved to be beneficial to clients accessing both our services. this gave the team an insight to the varying levels in regard to peoples mental health.”

“The counsellor who works for my service was new to the area at the start of April 2020. Cavamh’s team have provided him with a great deal of helpful and important information, advice and support over the past year.”

“It takes me out of myself in so many different ways, it helps me to get up in the morning and feel like I have something useful and purposeful to do. It stretches me and helps me to feel part of something meaningful. It’s hard to put it all into words but it has made a very big difference in a positive way to my mental health.”

“Matthew has helped me develop as chair of the Veterans Group & which also supports my chairing of meetings for the V50+SF Transport Group.”

“You do really good important work, you struck me as being very professional right from the start.”

Annual reports

Our recent Annual Reports are available for download:







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