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Summary of aims & objectives:

Barnardo’s has 23 services operational across Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan. These services all work to meet the needs of vulnerable children, young people and families living in the geographic remit of these two Local Authorities, providing support via a wide range of interventions. Whilst the methods may vary according to need, all services are underpinned by the same principle of working with individuals and families to improve the outcomes for children and young people.


Barnardo’s Cymru – Cardiff & Vale Family Support Services

Barnardo’s has 25 services operational across Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan. These services all work to meet the needs of vulnerable children young people and families living in the geographic remit of these two Local Authorities, providing support via a wide range of interventions. Whilst the methods may vary according to need, all services are underpinned by the same principle of working with individuals and families to improve the outcomes for children and young people. Cardiff and Vale Family Support services are grouped into 4 strands, each with its own strategic and operational management arrangements and designated workforce, but all working collaboratively as a locality of services rather than individual and separate silos. Support services such as finance volunteer management and admin are structured to operate across service boundaries and resources and skills are similarly shared. The 4 strands of delivery are:

  • Play Parenting & Early Years services
  • Vulnerable Young People’s services
  • Disability services
  • Emotional Health & Well Being services

Play Parenting & Early Years services:

Tiddlers & Toddlers: This is one of the services commissioned under Cardiff Families First “Early Years” package and delivers open access, free, pre-school play provision for children aged four years and under and their parents or carers. Delivered at three locations throughout the city, currently Riverside, Ely and St Mellon’s. Provision is run consistently throughout the year, with activities and events in school holidays designed to be inclusive of the whole family.

Post Natal Depression Support: One to One support including, home visits to support and promote attendance at Mellow Parenting, a PND parenting programme shown to have positive outcomes for Mum and Baby where PND may be an issue.

825 Connect: This service offers a wide range of supports to children, young people and families across the west of Cardiff. This includes direct home interventions for families using a holistic strengths based model. Support will also involve delivery of structured parenting programmes. There will also be provision for children and young people engaged with this service to access holiday provision under “Bright Young Things”, which delivers a programme of activities for 5 weeks of the school summer holidays.

Befriending/ Peer Mentoring Scheme 6 months support to be offered to young people focusing on a range of identified issues including independent living skills/ daily living skills and support in accessing Education and Training opportunities.

ADHD Parenting Programme: Support for parents with children identified with a neurodevelopmental difficulty (pre and post diagnosis) Support is provided via 1:1 session, focusing on enabling parents to be “group ready” and by delivery of ADHD parenting programme. Support is for families living in the Vale of Glamorgan

Vulnerable Young People Services:

  • Support Service for Single Young People: Supported housing for vulnerable young people aged 16 – 21, focusing on helping those referred with a housing need to gain the necessary skills, knowledge and awareness to enable them to live more independently in their communities. The service has 8 units of accommodation across the city in which young people live and are supported by an allocated Project Worker to enable their progress towards independent living. The service is operated in partnership with and funded by the Supporting People team.
  • Young Families Service: Provides a tenancy and housing with intensive support for vulnerable young families where the primary carer is aged 16 to 21. The service is located in a Taff Housing Property comprising 6 flats and an office and is managed by Barnardo’s staff located at the unit on a full time (Mon-Fri) basis. The service is operated in partnership with and funded by the Supporting People team and receives funding from Cardiff Children’s services who are the sole referral source for this service.
  • Support Service for Young Families: Offers support to young parents under the age of 17. The majority of young people attending the service are not attending education, training or employment; this is a 360 degree service offering intervention via a group work model to support families through pregnancy, birth and promoting positive parenting. The service also focuses on future planning so young families can access support and advice to enter training, complete formal education, enter further education, University/college and work. The service encourages and offers intervention to assist young families to reach their potential as individuals and as a unit. The service works in partnership with health and the youth service.
  • Barnardo’s Free 2 Bee: Offers children and young people who are asylum seekers or refugees an opportunity to explore their identity and develop their life story through the use of creative media, music, art and drama for, living in Cardiff, aged 7-16 years who have experienced trauma and loss which is impacting on their individual growth and development and emotional wellbeing. The service also engages with parents/carers through informal groups such as family days and activity sessions. Family work will be aimed at promoting resilience and developing resources through offering practical help and support.
  • Independent Living Skills: These services are provided in Cardiff and the Vale via Families First funding. The services offer bespoke targeted interventions to young disabled people aged 14-25 (in Cardiff) and 14-21 (in the Vale of Glamorgan). The service provides person centred planning and 1-1 services in home and community settings with the aim of improving the young person’s independent living skills as well as enhancing community connections. The service has also developed a 12 week group programme looking at issues such as shopping, healthy living, domestic tasks, managing emotions, bullying, friendships and relationships, which has been delivered to small groups of young disabled people. The service also offers one off group sessions and workshops in schools and other community settings.
  • ILS additional ICF delivery: Support for young people identified with a Neurodevelopment condition. Interventions to support independence. Support will be provided via 1:1 and group provisions and is available across Cardiff & the Vale of Glamorgan.

Services for children with disabilities:

  • Community Links: This service works with disabled children and their families across Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan, providing a range of support services including:
  • Supported Leisure Services: Supported leisure activities for disabled children living in the Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan, enabling the young people to participate in local community leisure resources. The service is a registered domiciliary care provider and can provide a sitting in service or domiciliary care service in the child’s home, if required.
  • Overnight Short Breaks: The service is a registered foster care agency and provides overnight short breaks in approved carer’s homes to disabled children living in the Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan.
  • Volunteer Befrienders: The service works with the Locality Volunteer Co-Ordinator to recruit volunteers to provide support services to disabled children and their siblings through individual and group interventions.
  • Family Support: These services are provided under the Families First funding in Cardiff only. Short pieces of work are offered to parents of disabled children in the family home, to support them to achieve set outcomes in an area in which they feel they need support. The service is also offering group work to parents with a disabled child by running the 10 week Parent Nurturing Programme, as well as providing one off ‘drop in’ sessions for parents to attend if they wish. These ‘drop ins’ are focussed around topics that have been identified by the parents themselves. Sessions planned to date include sleep problems, behaviour management and budgeting.
  • ASD Programme: Support for parents in the Vale of Glamorgan with children diagnosed as having Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC). Support is provided on a 1:1 basis in the family. Telephone support and advice also offered on an ongoing basis. The service links with the detached service operating out of Ashgrove School which offers a home/school link, but does not provide support in the home (so this service will look to plug that gap).
  • ICF Parenting Support: Support for parents with older children with ASD accessing Cygnet Programme. To provide structured group opportunities for parents to learn and embed strategies and practice into the home and community environment to support their child/young person with ASD 

Emotional Health & Wellbeing services:

Cadarn provides support for children young people and families in Cardiff in respect of their emotional health and wellbeing. Delivery of this Families First package is led and co-ordinated by Barnardo’s Cymru, working in partnership with other providers from the LA and other voluntary organisations who all work collaboratively under the banner of “Cadarn‟ .The package comprises 14 services which provide a range of targeted support interventions with the aim of helping to improve the emotional and mental health of children and young people and support their families.

Barnardo’s directly manages and delivers 4 of these services and these are:

  • Family Bereavement service: A clinically led partnership with the University Health Board providing a therapeutic service for families who have experienced a significant bereavement, trauma / loss that is impacting on their emotional health and wellbeing and ability to function together. The service will use therapeutic strategies such as direct one to one work, play therapy and creative group work to explore thoughts, feelings and behaviours with the aim of families developing a narrative to their story and associated strategies to help them manage. The service will also pilot a loss and bereavement awareness raising programme for young people in schools working in partnership with Cardiff’s Educational Psychology team.
  • Bounce Back: Bounce Back is an active listening service currently operating in three High Schools in Cardiff aimed at young people in Year 10 and 11 who are at risk of disengaging from education, training and employment opportunities and not reaching their full potential. Pupils are offered one to one weekly intervention sessions focused on finding solutions to issues, developing their strengths and promoting their emotional resilience. This service offers practical help and advice as well as emotional support. Bounce Back is a person centered approach set in a safe and confidential environment.
  • Transitions: The Transitions service aims to bridge the gap between CAMHS and AMHS by developing a ‘one stop shop’ model of services which will provide a range of timely, relevant and accessible services for young people aged 17+ in Cardiff with a diagnosis of depression, anxiety disorders or psychosis. Specifically targeted at families where there are young people in transition between statutory health services who are in need of practical assistance and would benefit from a therapeutic input. Support plans will be built into a multi agency plan in respect of taking up employment, education and training opportunities whilst managing their physical, psychological and social functioning. The service can only be accessed at a point when transitional planning between services is formulated. Young people who are not accessing CAMHS, but are in transition in respect of their personal development maybe directly accessing AMHS and may also therefore be eligible to receive a service. Self referrals are accepted as well as those from CAMHS & AMHS
  • Vale of Glamorgan School & Community Based Counselling service: Provision of an independent counselling service for children and young people aged 10-18 living in the Vale of Glamorgan. Counselling support is provided via 1:1 sessions to support children in respect of their health, emotional and social needs. Delivery is via school based counselors located in all high schools and delivering to year 6 pupils in primary schools. Also, community provision is delivered in various locations across the Vale.


Contact details for C&V Locality services:

Play, Parenting & Early Years services:

Children’s Services Manager: Hellen Taylor.
Tel no: 029 2057 7074
Email: [email protected]

Vulnerable Young People’s services:

Children’s Services Manager: Sophie Bailie
Tel no: 029 029 2057 7074
Email: [email protected]


Children’s Services Manager: Sara Payne.
Tel no: 029 2057 7074
Email: [email protected]


Children’s Services Manager: Hellen Taylor
Tel no: 029 2057 7074
Email: [email protected]

Assistant Director Children’s Services, Cardiff & Vale of Glamorgan Locality: Jackie Vining. Based at:

Barnardo’s Cymru,
Trident Court
East Moors Road
Cardiff. CF24 5TD

Tel: 029 2049 3387

Email: [email protected]

Last Updated: August 16, 2017
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