Shadows and Angels 

Shadows in the darkness lights flicker.
The world sleeps and sounds are loud to the
voices of angels awakening.

You listen for the breath, the air which
is cold and damp, fear and coldness around.

Listening is it time?
is it time for you to say those fatal words.
which none want to say?

Still I feel like yesterday, that night so vivid.
I knew Angels were here.
I knew I was not alone here.
I heard the flutter of wings, a breath and warmth.
I was not afraid.
I was losing my soul my life, my protector, my best

What would become of me?
I had no idea what was coming,
the pains, heartache and more loneliness beyond and still.
Happiness is far and between, friends loved and lost.

I am the Warrior though.
Strong in will and mind.
I hold steadfast in this land.
I pray to God and angels for our sails.
Mines in torment, still I wonder if it
will ever heal.

They say time passes.
For me it’s a flash of an eye
the blink of spring summers and winters.
Christmas a hidden gem of light.
The days blend from light to darkness
and my soul carries a load of guilt did I do

by Bethan Thompson copyright 2021

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