Our friendly and hardworking staff team

Linda Newton

Linda Newton



I’ve been at cavamh since 1997 and feel privileged over the years to be linking with so many committed voluntary groups and organisations with an interest in mental health, with statutory partners and with so many wonderful and committed people with lived experience, all aiming to improve mental health services for the people who use them.

I specifically support all the voluntary sector groups with an interest in mental health in Cardiff and Vale through Cardiff and Vale Mental Health Forum and its activities – with our focus on involvement and co-production, networking and development, information and training and the collective voice of the voluntary sector in the planning and development of mental health services.

If you would like to find out more, or are interested in joining the Forum, please don’t hesitate to email me at [email protected]

Caroline Fellows

Caroline Fellows


I deal with all the administration and finances of Cavamh. I produce MHF e-bulletins, other flyer, leaflets and magazines as required, send out the mailings, take minutes and general other office tasks. In addition to the above I am part of the cavamh communications team, working on the website and social media – if you have anything that you would like me to share with our followers please email [email protected]

Alisha Barnard

Website Co-ordinator

My role is to act as the webadmin for our website and social forums – alot of what I do is “behind the scenes” ensuring the smooth functioning of the website and keeping everything thing up to date and relevant. I coordinate the cavamh communications team and will be working closely with volunteers and contributors to our online activities.

I would very much welcome your contributions to the website such as articles, poems, artwork, book recommendations or details of up coming events, training courses and workshops open to people in Cardiff & The Vale.

If you have any queries, spot any mistakes or would like to add something please email me at:

[email protected]

Our Volunteers

Matthew Salisbury

Matthew Salisbury

Since joining CAVAMH, Matthew Salisbury, as an additional effort to support the voices of carers of older people, used his experience as an artist and a veteran of the Royal Naval Reserve to use painting to provide people living with dementia and veterans with a means of self-expression through painting.
 On retiring from CAVAMH, he realised that there was still a demand for this support so he has carried on with art classes in Woody’s Lodge and Murchfield Community Centre Dinas Powys. About 12 years, realising that men who had done National Service and served in World War 2, Matthew formed the Veterans’ Mental Health Support Group to give impetus to supporting older veterans. This Veterans’ Group is still running, as is the Forget Me Not Chorus, of which Matthew has been an active member since the Chorus was formed.
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