Aims & Objectives:

  • To offer help and support any individual who is experiencing problematic gambling and whose aim is to either reduce their gambling or to refrain from gambling completely.
  • To offer help and support for any individual whose life has been affected by someone’s gambling.
  • We refer to other agencies when deemed appropriate.
  • Services are available for anyone over the age of 18.


  • 1-6 individual sessions
  • Advice and information
  • Help to identify consequences of gambling
  • How to deal with feelings around the issues of gambling
  • Help to deal with relapse


Individuals can call directly into the service on 0117 930 0282.

Referrals are accepted from individuals, agencies and other professionals.


Melissa Steyn, Gambling Counsellor, Addiction Recovery Agency at
Spectrum House, 273 Cowbridge Road East, Canton, Cardiff, CF5 1JB

Tel: 0117 930 0282

Email: [email protected]

Last Updated: February 2, 2017
If any data is incorrect, please contact us to report it.
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