Age Connects Cardiff and the Vale




Aims & objectives:


Age Connects Cardiff and the Vale will help and support older people, especially those who are vulnerable, isolated and in poverty.

The charity’s aims are to:
• Enable older people to secure and uphold their rights at times when they may be vulnerable.
• Provide independent, accurate and up to date information.
• Provide a wide range of information and a variety of services through volunteers.
• Recruit, train, support and supervise volunteers.
• Provide support for older people to remain living in their home of choice for as long as they wish.
• Provide health and wellbeing through the delivery of a range of holistic activities.
• Provide opportunities for older people to participate and engage as active citizens.






  • Ageing Well – providing recreational activities and classes.
  • Advocacy – supporting people in care homes.
  • Cancer and Older People Advocacy – providing independent advocacy for those affected by cancer.
  • Hospital Discharge – a registered domiciliary care service supporting people after a stay in hospital.
  • Keeping People Connected – helping people to remain engaged in the community or to provide home visits for those who are housebound.
  • Lets Get Out – supporting people who have lost the confidence to get out and about.
  • Moneywise – supporting people to maximise income and balance their budget.
  • Nail Cutting Service – The service costs £11 and there are some medical restrictions



Vale only services include:

  • Good Neighbour Schemes
  • Welfare Rights






Open referral process. Referrals can be made with the consent of the client by phone direct to the service






Ageing Well – 029 2233 1113 and 01446 732385
Advocacy – 029 2068 3683 and 01446 795632
Cancer and Older People Advocacy – 029 2068 3681
Hospital Discharge Service – 029 2068 3693
Keeping People Connected – 029 2240 0029
Advocacy Service for Dementia Sufferers 029 2068 3685
Nail Cutting Service – 029 2233 1113

Vale only services:
Good Neighbour Schemes 01446 795549
Welfare Rights 029 2068 3682


Last Updated: April 10, 2024
If any data is incorrect, please contact us to report it.
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