The Crisis House is a jointly funded project between Platfform, and Cardiff & Vale University Health Board.

The aim of the project is to provide short term crisis accommodation for individuals with severe and enduring mental illness who are expeiencing a crisis in their mental health.

The project seeks to provide a holistic approach to promoting recovery. The service aims to reduce the likelihood of hospital admission through the creation of a safe, supportive and comfortable environment that is responsive to individual need and aids recovery. The Crisis House provides a 24 hour service staffed by Support Staff employed by Gofal and is supported by the Crisis Resolution & Home Treatment Teams serving Cardiff and the Vale.

The Crisis House promotes continuity of care between itself and community based services, focusing on the psychosocial needs of service users for a period up to a maximum of 7 days.

Referrals to the Crisis House can only be made for individuals receiving care through the Crisis Resolution & Home Treatment Service.

The multidisciplinary team draws up a focused support plan detailing:

  1. The Objectives to be met
  2. The number and frequency of visits by the Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Team. This will be flexible enough to respond rapidly to changes in the clinical situation.
  3. The interventions offered to the individual detailing by whom, when and where the intervention will take place.
  4. Support planning will require the active involvement of the client, taking account of the views, input and concerns of family/carers.
  5. Support planning will involve actively planning for the client to return home.

Support plans will be reviewed as required, but within 4 days of initial agreement of the plan at a designated team meeting, including Crisis House staff and Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Team.

The Crisis Resolution & Home Treatment Team will remain involved throughout the period that accommodation is required in the Crisis House.

Last Updated: August 26, 2021
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