Effro offers a wide range of dementia related training opportunities, throughout Wales.

Effro leads group sessions in Care homes, or anywhere where there is a community of people with dementia, (within our area of service); sessions are underpinned by theories such as Cognitive Stimulation Therapy and Reminiscence Therapy and intended to be multi-sensory, fun environments for those participating. We seek to empower staff/volunteers in these communities to continue running groups in the longer term.

Effro also offers personalised, 1:1 support for people in the community living with dementia; providing individuals with a positive, personalised action plan based on their particular needs and ambitions. The principal aim of the 1:1 support is to help the individual to be as physically and mentally active as possible whilst providing their family members and/or carers with a degree of support. Whilst there is no charge for this service the number of referrals that can be accepted is limited.

Effro Welcomes expressions of interest from anyone interested in volunteering.

If any data is incorrect, please contact us to report it.
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