Aims and Objectives:

This Team aims:

  • To assist and enable vulnerable people in Council and private tenancies in the Cardiff area to live independently.
  • To minimise the risk of tenants failing in their tenancies.
  • To work in partnership with statutory and voluntary organisations.
  • To ensure that vulnerable individuals receive support as and when appropriate which will lead to successful long-term maintenance of their tenancies.

The Service:

The Local Authority have entered into a scheme to provide support for housed and homeless people (but not street homeless) from all over Cardiff who are identified as needing support to help them overcome any problems that may affect their ability to acquire or maintain their tenancy. Following receipt of an appropriate referral, a Support Provider will visit a person in their own home and assess their suitability for the scheme. If a support needs assessment indicates that the Tenant Support Service is appropriate, a Support Provider will be engaged to provide a support service.

The Local Authority works with a number of support providers who can offer different levels of support based on a person’s individual needs. This support is funded through the Housing Support Grant via Welsh Government.


The Tenant Support Team is NOT a direct access service. If an individual feels that they would benefit from some extra help via the Tenant Support Team and Scheme, then they need to contact their Housing Officer, Support Worker, Social Worker, Council HUB Service etc, and request that a referral is made to the Team.

The Tenant Support Team can help if an individual is:

  • Struggling with settling into a new property.
  • Struggling with getting utilities connected.
  • Struggling with filling in forms which has an effect on the housing situation.
  • Finding it difficult to cope in general and as a result are in danger of losing their tenancy.
  • Struggling with more specific issues such as those relating to mental health that are having an impact on their ability to maintain their tenancy.
  • At imminent risk of losing a tenancy, eg have been given a notice to quit.

These are just a selection of problems, we appreciate there may be many more.


Floating Support Team

County Hall
CF10 4UW

Tel: 029 2053 7342

Email: [email protected]

Last Updated: August 27, 2021
If any data is incorrect, please contact us to report it.
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