The Low Secure and Community Forensic Service, inclusive of a Court Assessment Scheme, Prison Inreach/Outreach Service and a Mental Health Probation Worker, is based at Whitchurch Hospital, Cardiff. These are multi-professional teams, including Social Workers, that provide specialist mental health assessment, treatment and support to mentally disordered offenders and those at risk of offending in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan, some of whom may be subject to Home Office Restriction.

These services are an integral part of the Mental Health Division of Cardiff & Vale UHB Low Secure Services which consists of inpatient, outpatient and community services which provide assessment and treatment, either directly or through supporting other professionals and agencies.

The Teams operate under the principles of Home Office Circulars 66/90, 125/95, and the National Assembly Adult Mental Health Strategy (AMHS Aim 4), to ensure close co-operation between agencies and to ensure effective commissioning of services.

Mission Statement

The Low Secure and Community Forensic Services aim to provide a comprehensive service provision at a low secure level and a seamless service to offenders and others at risk of offending from the Cardiff and Vale area. This will be a joint working initiative in conjunction with other agencies and service providers through the UK, at all levels of security.

Service Philosophy

In line with the Adult Mental Health Strategy for Wales (AMHS) the philosophy of these services is to provide effective, evidenced based care (AMHS 6.1.) to the service population, the emphasis being on care and treatment based on flexible, needs led, supportive services for users, carers/relatives and appropriate statutory and voluntary agencies. The Low Secure and Community Forensic Services also strive to maximize service users’ ability to function safely within the community without offending using the rehab and recovery model.

Aims of the Service

1. To integrate and/or maintain clients in the community at the earliest appropriate point, with sufficient support, treatment and supervision to minimize the risk of premature readmission via robust risk assessment and management plans with other criminal justice agencies.

2. To provide a comprehensive level of, assessment, treatment, support and monitoring of the clients medical, psychological and social needs. (AMHS aim 7)

3. To collaborate and work effectively with clients, their families and other agencies to reduce any known risks associated with offending and recidivism.

4. To provide ongoing assessment and monitoring with respect to identified risk, specifically risk and dangerousness, to include public safety. (AMHS 4.5).

5. To provide a comprehensive, supportive community service to the low secure in patient facility based at Whitchurch Hospital.


Low Secure and Community Forensic Services, Whitchurch Hospital:
029 2033 6082 Community Forensic Services or Wards 029 2033 6351

Last Updated: January 29, 2014
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