POBL Floating Support Cardiff

Charity number: 1161479


Aims and Objectives


To help support tenants with potential risk of homelessness and
to prevent homelessness.


To support clients through eviction process


To signpost clients to relevant organisations to assist with
tenancy issues




Type of organisation


Support Workers for tenancy and housing related issues for
clients within Cardiff





  • Clients can an go to Hubs within Cardiff and a floating support
    referral can be completed by staff.


  • Stakeholders and organisations within Cardiff can refer clients.


  • Clients cannot refer themselves.





Sam Cole – Manager – [email protected]

Amjid Khan – Manager - [email protected]

Simon Wait – Area Manager – [email protected]



Phone: 0330 175 9726

Monday to Thursday: 9am – 5pm, Friday: 9am – 4:30pm

Outside of these hours we operate an emergency only service.



Student Living Enquiries: 

07854 197663 / 07535 056688



Enquiries – [email protected]
Recruitment – [email protected]
Press/Media – [email protected]
Student Living – [email protected] 






Last Updated: March 26, 2024
If any data is incorrect, please contact us to report it.
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