Psychology and Psychological Therapies Directorate


The Psychology and Psychological Therapies Directorate provides adult psychological therapies and psychology services throughout the Cardiff and Vale, including within Primary Care (GP surgeries). It is organised into a number of specialties:


  •  Adult Mental Health
  •  Psychology and Psychological Therapies in MHSOP
  •  Psychology and Psychological Therapies Physical Health and Neurosciences
  •  Psychology and Psychological Therapies in Low Secure Services
  • Eating Disorders Service
  • Primary Mental Health Support Service (PMHSS)
  • Primary Care Counselling Services
  • Psychology and Psychological Therapies in Addictions Services
  • Primary Care Liaison Service (PCLS)
  • Psychology and Psychological Therapies in Integrated Autism Service
  • Psychology and Psychological Therapies in Headroom
  • Psychology and Psychological Therapies in Perinatal


The Psychology and Psychological Therapies Directorate employs a range of clinical staff including Clinical and Counselling Psychologists, CBT and other High Intensity Therapists, Counsellors, core health  professions such as nurses and occupational therapists, and administrative staff. We work in a range of diverse teams across the health board both providing and supporting patient care.

Last Updated: October 23, 2023
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