South Wales Anxiety & Depression Support Group


Peer Support Group


Aims and Objectives:



The main aims of this group are:

  • To provide peer support to anyone of any age suffering from mental health issues across South Wales
  • To provide an outlet for people to discuss their problems in an informal, open, friendly and social environment where you can be yourself without fear of judgement
  • To alleviate the feelings of isolation, loneliness and despair which often accompany illnesses such as anxiety and depression
  • To build a community of support for people, enabling them to socialise and meet others who understand what it's like living with such issues

Please note, no professional support or counselling is offered through this group.





  • Peer Support - an opportunity to share personal experiences and coping strategies with others in a non-judgmental environment
  • Social activities - the chance to socialise, often whilst taking part in activities including walks, meditation/mindfulness sessions, quiz nights, coffee meets, eating out etc.
  • Access to a private Facebook group - a forum where you can share thoughts and feelings and offer/seek support with others in a confidential environment [this is only accessible to members of the group and cannot be seen by anyone outside of the group].
  • You're always welcome to bring someone along for support. We also offer to meet  you at familiar places such as bus/train stations and we're happy to meet with you outside of the venue or before the arranged time. We can also offer help and advice with transport.





People can refer themselves to this group via the Meetup website





All contact should be made through the website in the first instance.

Group organiser: Peter Dickenson

Last Updated: January 23, 2024
If any data is incorrect, please contact us to report it.
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