The Dyn Project

Registered Charity No. 1071243




Summary of aims & objectives:



The Dyn Project is a safety planning and advocacy service for gay, bisexual, transgender and heterosexual men who experience domestic abuse in the Cardiff area. We also operate a free confidential national helpline for men across Wales (0808 801 0321). The Dyn Project is managed by the crime reduction and community safety charity Safer Wales (www.saferwales.com).







The Dyn Project can provide a range of services, depending on the situation, including:

  • Immediate safety measures and risk management advice
  • Access to an effective, direct and consistent range of support services
  • Joint working with other agencies
  • Information and advice on a range of legal options (criminal and civil) to maximise safety, including advice on the collection of evidence and prosecution, if appropriate
  • A forum for men who have experienced domestic abuse to connect with others







Referrals can be made directly by an individual, or by any agency or group supporting an individual.




Last Updated: April 16, 2024
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