Aims & Objectives:

To aid in the recovery and rehabilitation of persons suffering from mental health problems.

Different types and levels of support are available, delivered through individually tailored care plans. Care plans are agreed with involvement from service users and carers (where appropriate), in the context of the multi-disciplinary team. This team consists of doctors, nurses, occupational therapists, psychology, physiotherapists, pharmacists, and access to any other specialist who may be able to help the person. Care plans are designed to empower individuals to realise maximum potential in all areas of their lives.


In Patient

There is currently one in-patient ward at Whitchurch hospital and one in part of a Unit in Llanishen. These focus on individuals with severe enduring mental health needs, who at times experience challenging behaviour and need structured therapeutic interventions to maintain their independence, rebuild skills and confidence and to enable social integration. Clients are assessed and follow a pathway of care through the service to either other Rehabilitation facilities or to community placements.

  • West 2 – Supportive Recovery Service (this service will relocate to University Hospital Llandough in Spring 2016): A 14 bedded unit which provides rehabilitation and continuing care to persons with complex and challenging enduring mental health needs. Our philosophy of care is that we use the principles of promoting autonomy and individuality. Care is personalised and strives to give back independence to a level achievable for each individual. The Client is given the opportunity to develop skills needed to help move on and prepare for discharge. These skills could be practical things such as how to plan, shop and cook, or it could be about developing confidence again. Each person will have different needs that we can help with. We encourage people to take responsibility by promoting choice, working together to discover what aspects of life they need help with, and giving the support needed to achieve goals. We will help to structure an individual’s day which helps with their overall wellbeing. It is a relaxed environment, people are friendly and supportive. We encourage everyone to be respectful and considerate to each other.
  • Cefn Onn, Iorwerth Jones Centre, Llanishen: A 10 bedded unit which provides rehabilitation and continuing care to persons with complex physical and mental health needs. We are a mixed gender ward for people experiencing functional, chronic mental illness, often presenting with more challenging behaviours than in other rehabilitation settings. There are no specific age criteria for admission. Our care delivery is designed to run alongside the recovery model, which focuses on the strengths of the individual and acknowledges that each person’s experience/recovery is a personal journey. Our aim is to increase self esteem, develop independence at whatever level is appropriate to the individual’s abilities and to promote supported social integration.

Community based

  • Park Road Houses: A 14 bedded unit based in the Community and provides 24 hour nursing cover, 7 days a week. This is a fast track (6 – 12 month stay) rehabilitation unit where individuals are supported and encouraged to learn or relearn independent living skills, e.g. shopping, cooking, budgeting, using public transport etc. A very well established Unit that assists individuals with medication management, symptom awareness and relapse signatures, and Vocational engagement, is a key element of the service. This unit caters predominantly for a younger client group who, following a period of intensive rehabilitation, will progress to independent living or supported accommodation.
  • Phoenix Community: “Slow Track” rehabilitation unit. Average length of stay 12-24 months. The Phoenix provides 8 Rehabilitation beds and is an inpatient unit in the community. The Phoenix provides 24 hour nursing cover, 7 days a week.
    During an individual’s stay with us we aim to assess them in all the significant areas of functioning. Practical things such as:- shopping, managing money, cooking, diet, managing personal hygiene, taking care of the domestic environment, using public transport, managing medication, maintaining personal safety and relapse prevention. Other important areas for consideration are social and interpersonal skills training. Often after individuals have come through periods of acute mental illness or perhaps they have been living in isolated situations for a long time, many of these skills can be lost or underdeveloped. At a place like the Phoenix community there is a great opportunity for individuals to learn or regain skills in a safe, nurturing environment where individuals can be encouraged to rise to the challenges, feel secure enough to risk making mistakes and then learn from these experiences. Staff are on hand to monitor and assess progress and serve as role models. The aim is for deficits in functioning to be minimised and strengths affirmed and utilised.
  • Supported Housing and IRIS Team: The service consists of shared houses which provide on-going support to persons with enduring mental health needs in partnership with local housing associations. Nursing support is available every day including at weekends.


Referrals for the Rehabilitation Services are accepted from other departments within the UHB mental health services via PARIS (electronic record system). All referrals are discussed by the Rehabilitation service at a weekly meeting.


Senior Nurse for Rehabilitation and Recovery service or Clinical Nurse Leader Rehabilitation and Recovery Service, Whitchurch Hospital, Cardiff CF14 7XB

Tel: 029 21 832610

Email: [email protected]

Last Updated: April 16, 2021
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