Ty Canna Outreach Service and User Led Resource Service

User Led Service

Summary of aims & objectives:

Providing a flexible time limited service based on individual need for people with acute mental health illness. Working with the individual at their pace in a motivational way to achieve goals towards Recovery.

Support individuals to make informed choices and enable the individual to develop their confidence.

Work in partnership with other organisations to provide and signpost people to social, educational and vocational opportunities.

Enable individuals to sort out practical issues which can affect their physical and mental well being.

The aims of the drop-in are:-

  • To overcome isolation.
  • A place to socialise.
  • To promote Recovery.
  • To provide information and advice.
  • Access to self help groups and activities.


  • Ty Canna Outreach Service
  • 1 to 1 support and group activities.
  • 14 Outreach workers and including Peer Support Workers

Ty Canna User Led Resource Centre

Support in a friendly and empathetic environment for adults (18+) - a voluntary User Led Service based in Canton, Cardiff, focussing on providing support for adults with mental health illness.

Facilities include – Large activity / meeting room, counselling room, kitchen and dining area, television, laptop and internet access, disabled toilet.

We facilitate discrete classes as part of the move on process. Courses in jewellery, Rambling Group, Keep fit and Music/ Drama. In addition to this there is a football, cycling, cinema, swimming, snooker/table tennis group, trips and Mental Health Workshops.

We have Outreach workers who work with people on a 1:1 basis.

The building is utilised by several User Led Groups such as Journeys, Hearing Voices and Hafal carers group in the evening.


All referrals for the Outreach team are received from the Community Mental Health Teams, Community Addictions Unit and Community Forensic Team.

All referrals for the Ty Canna User Led Group are registered with the CMHT or have recently been discharged and are known to the CMHT. A support worker is welcome to attend an initial visit to the centre. If you have any queries regarding the Ty Canna User Led Group, please contact the Outreach service.

Our opening times are - Monday 9am-3.45pm, Thursday 10am-3.45pm and Friday 12pm-3.45pm.

Some of our services may not be accessible in-person due to COVID, but there are different forms of help and activities online. We will also be looking to gradually return to services as the months continue

Last Updated: August 27, 2021
If any data is incorrect, please contact us to report it.
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