The primary aim of Veterans’ NHS Wales is to improve the mental health and wellbeing of veterans with a service-related mental health problem. Any veteran living in Wales who has served at least one day with the British Military as either a regular service member or as a reservist who has a ‘service-related psychological injury’ is eligible for assessment and treatment with Veteran’s NHS Wales. The service adopts an open referral service whereby veterans can self-refer, be referred by their families or by other agencies or services. Following the initial assessment, an agreed management plan will be developed, and the veteran supplied with relevant information on how they can be assisted and/or treated. This may be through the provision of psychological therapy and/or medication. The service also regularly refers and signposts to other organisations such as third sector charities [e.g. Change Step, Royal British Legion] who can offer veterans specialist support [e.g. employment or social support].

Contact: Veterans NHS Wales

Cardiff & Wales University Health Board

Psychology & Psychological Therapies Centre

Cardiff Royal Infirmary

Glossop Rd

Cardiff CF24 0SZ

02921 832261

admin.vnhswc&[email protected]


Last Updated: July 30, 2021
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