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Concerns about the current provision for veterans have been widely reported with some arguing for dedicated services here as seen in the USA. The Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) are committed to improving support and treatment within the NHS for veterans. As a result the Cardiff & Vale UHB hosts the Hub for Veterans’ NHS Wales service. There are veterans therapists in each of the other LHBs, to improve services for veterans. The service started April 2010 and will run indefinitely. Veterans’ NHS Wales will diagnose and offer treatment or signpost on to local NHS Services or Veterans Agencies for problems such as:

  • Mood problems (including depression)
  • Anxiety related conditions
  • Alcohol and Drug misuse
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Problems including getting on with others or self harm


Self referral via website link, email or telephone
Via GP or anyone involved in clinical care
Veterans Agencies
Via family member


Veterans’ NHS Wales, Psychology & Psychological Therapies Centre, Cardiff Royal Infirmary, Glossop Rd., Cardiff CF24 OSZ

Tel: 029 2183 2261

E: Admin.vnhswc&[email protected]


Last Updated: July 28, 2021
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