Addiction Awareness Webinar – November 9th




28th Oct – 4th Nov is Addiction Awareness Week and I will delivering a webinar which focuses around addiction and how alcohol affects our mental health and wellbeing. To learn more about addiction and raise awareness, you can attend our free webinar which will focus on Addiction Awareness with the inclusion of alcohol within the programme.

Our free webinar will run from 10am-12pm via Zoom and will include talks from support organisations along with stories from those who have overcome addiction issues.



We have 2 amazing speakers lined up:


Esther Nagle

Esther Nagle discovered a new way to live when she trained to be a yoga teacher, learned new ways to manage stress and view her life, and chose sobriety after 20 years of addiction. Now with over 9 years of sobriety under her belt, she is a recovery and embodiment coach for midlife misfits who want to have fun and remember it, helping people to find their own inner power, and see the gifts sobriety can bring them.


Maggie Cockhill

She is described as ‘a force to be reckoned with’ and her brutal honesty when talking about suicide, or drugs and alcohol means that she is able to open up the conversation surrounding these traumatic and devastating subject. She is a mental health advocate, and a role model for others so that they can see a way through their own crises. She is a compulsive worker, persistent in her campaigning, and a voice for those who find they cannot shout loudly enough. She empowers others while addressing her own mental health challenges, and her enthusiasm for her cause is unrivalled. Everything she does is for others, and done with a passion that is all-encompassing, motivational and inspirational. She is not afraid to challenge for change and she does all this with energy, enthusiasm and a kind smile.



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