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The CTP (care and treatment plan) project’s objective/aim is to support MHCB staff and Service Users & Carers to engage and raise awareness of the importance of co-production in CTPs, 1:1s, and information sharing, working in partnership with each other and other relevant parties where possible to ensure care and treatment offered is appropriate, timely and relevant.

Welsh Government’s Duty to Review Interim Report: Post-Legislative Assessment of the Mental Health (Wales) Measure 2010 (2014) states as regards Care and Treatment Plans (CTPs), “It is anticipated that statutory care and treatment planning will lead to the greater involvement of service users in decisions which are made in relation to their care and treatment, and better outcomes for them. In addition, the design and delivery of care and treatment plans will foster more cohesive, focused and effective cross-discipline working amongst mental health and social care professionals in delivering services.” (pg.15). The innate quality and value of a CTP should be found in it being co-produced, recovery-focused, person-centred, goal-oriented, and strengths-based. Both external and internal evidence suggests, however, both the quality and quantity of CTPs is below an acceptable standard. There is a requirement for these CTP’s to be co-produced, but this is not currently always the case; some CTP’s are currently being produced without patient engagement.

To better understand the challenges around CTPs and what support could be offered around this, people with lived experience and service users are being offered the opportunity to voice their opinions by taking this survey.


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