Carers Trust Wales Report – Support Not Sympathy

Source https://carers.org/downloads/wales-pdfs/support-not-sympathy-english-language.pdf

In June 2020 Carers Trust Wales surveyed 366 carers aged between 12 and 25 to understand their experiences of living and caring during the pandemic.

Whilst some have found positives, such as learning a new skill or building a closer relationship with the person they care for, many more describe feeling stressed, unable to cope and overwhelmed by the pressures they now face.

The young and young adult carers who shared their thoughts and experiences with us have been clear about what they want and need:

  • Support for their emotional wellbeing and mental health
  • Help to stay connected to friends and their communities
  • Breaks from their caring role and the support of specialist young carers
  • services
  • More help to balance caring, education and employment
  • Support to stay fit and healthy.

In 2018 Carers Trust Wales’ Youth Council, developed their #SupportNotSympathy campaign. Through it they have consistently called for better support to enable young and young adult carers across Wales to live happy, healthy, fulfilling lives. This research demonstrates the need, now more than ever, to listen to and act on their call.

Download the report here.

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