Co-Production Event Planning – Working Together

We are co-ordinating a multi-stakeholder Co-production event for end of January 2022

The idea for an event was proposed at the Mental Health Partnership Board (MHPB) earlier in the year, as there have been lots of exciting, positive, developments in co-production locally- including the forthcoming MHCB Peer Lead and the launch of the Recovery College.

It is part of Welsh Government (WG) policy in relation to the Social Services and Wellbeing Act, and in the Together for Mental Health Delivery Plan. Guidelines from the National Mental Health Forum will be coming out in the spring.

The time feels right to come together to discuss what we have, share initiatives local, nationally and beyond, bring in more and wider groups of stakeholders, build awareness, share inspiration, develop consensus; consider together what we have, a vision of what more can be achieved, what we can all do to build on this.

First meeting of the planning group has taken place.

Would you like to find out more or attend the next planning meeting? Do you want to contribute? Have you examples of co-production that you can share to showcase at the event? Please get in touch…contact [email protected]

More info about co-production below….

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