Gardening Ideas

From Kelly at Headroom:

Hey guys,

Hope you are all ok and keeping busy. It’s hard to find things to do so I`ve put together a few ideas that you can do in the garden if you have one. For those who don’t, don’t worry, you can make things for inside the home too.

Look at the following links for more ideas but have a look at the attached. You can use old furniture to get creative, tins, pots anything to fill with some compost (super cheap at LIDL or Home Bargains/ Morrison’s) and plant some seeds. If you don’t have the patience to wait for seeds to grow you can but rosemary, parsley, mint and more in Morrison’s or Asda for example for 70p per plant. Way more satisfying when you see your seeds begin to grow though, and quicker than you expect.


Gardening is a way to get outdoors (or in), get creative, get your hands dirty, and ITS really therapeutic. When I have a really down day or week, or my anxiety is through the roof, gardening helps me focus and block out those negative thoughts for an hour or so. I started from scratch, with a little guidance from Pinterest and YouTube to get going.


This is something we will be doing with our groups once restrictions are lifted but in the meantime these are things you guys can do at home for a very little cost. If you are interested and want some help just send me a Whatsapp or give me a call I`d be happy to help because as you can tell I love this stuff! It’s not about it looking perfect or neat even, it’s just getting your hands and dirty throwing a bit of soil about and you’re done!

Hope you enjoy, Kelly


Kelly Stephens
Lead Project Worker Barnardos
Headroom: Youth Psychosis Service
Cardiff & Vale UHB
Barnardos Ely Family Centre CF5 4LE, Grand Ave, Cardiff

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