Goodbye and Thank You from Sefyll

A sincere and massive thank you to everyone who has over the years been involved with Sefyll as we endeavoured with our partners and colleagues to give a voice to those with lived experience in the shaping of Mental Health Services in Cardiff and the Vale.

Whether as a Representative, Volunteer, Champion, Supporter or Staff Member you will have shaped an approach to Involvement which at first was novel in Services but now under the title of Coproduction is more ‘mainstream’. Your involvement has contributed to a cultural shift in which participation and co-production is becoming the default position for Services when looking to develop new services or review current approaches.

You might have been a Service User Rep in Planning Groups, a recruiter of Mental Health Professionals, a Peer Trainer, been involved in Mentoring of staff, a developer of the Recovery College, an editor of our Newsletter, Group Facilitator, an author of the Mental Health Charter to name just a few roles. Whatever you have done, achieved and contributed to over the years, thank you!

You know who you are!

It has been an honour and a privilege to have been Sefyll’s Involvement Worker for the last five years. I am saddened to witness the end of Sefyll. However the principles that we have helped establish will endure and I hope you will remain involved or think about getting involved with Adferiad, the oganisation now tasked with carrying he torch for Coproduction and Involvement over the coming years.

Mike McCandless



You may or may not be aware that the Sefyll and Nexus Involvement Service will be transferring to a new provider at the end of August: at time of writing I am  uncertain if I will also be leaving cavamh to transfer to the new provider and if so in what capacity but I did not want to lose the opportunity to share a final few words with you all before everything changes. It has been truly great working with you all. I’ve learnt so much throughout my almost 10 years with Sefyll and I want you all to know how much I have appreciated your support and goodwill and the friendship shown to me throughout the years, not forgetting the hard work, dedication, and honesty you have contributed to; and on behalf of both Sefyll and Nexus. You have achieved so many good things to be proud of.

Thank you.

It is particularly heartwarming to have seen and heard your support during the past few months when there has been so much uncertainty, not only for me as a staff member but for yourselves as service user representatives. In what has been a difficult and uncomfortable process your backing and support has been truly appreciated, again, thank you.

Whatever happens going forward, I will always have very positive memories of working alongside you all.

Best wishes


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