Hug Your Cat Day – Helping Mental Health


Hug the Stress Away!



Studies have shown that giving your cat a cuddle can reduce stress and help you relax so what better way to help improve your mental health then with your furry friend? Cats have been our companions for many years and can provide comfort on your lowest days and even tell when you’re feeling ill. This ay be an unofficial holiday, but the affection animals can give can and has changed many lives so we believe it shouldn’t be overlooked. Cats and other animals are members of the family too, especially for those who live on their own, such as the elderly and even the homeless.



When is the ‘holiday’ ?



Hug Your Cat Day will be taking place on 4th June 2024.



What if I don’t have a cat?


This is completely fine! The main focus of the holiday is to show love to your beloved pets while helping ourselves de-stress in the process so even if you don’t have a cat specifically you can just cuddle your dog or other pets. Or you could even visit others who might have them.



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