International Men’s Health Week






Mental health awareness in men is critically important due to the unique challenges and societal pressures they face. Research indicates that men are generally less likely to seek help for mental health issues compared to women, often due to cultural expectations that stigmatise vulnerability and emotional expression in men. This can lead to serious consequences, including higher rates of suicide among men, who are nearly four times more likely to die by suicide than women.



When is International Men’s Health Week?


10-16 June 2024




The Stigma Surrounding Men’s Mental Health



The stigma surrounding men’s mental health is a direct result of toxic masculinity. Men are often shamed or ridiculed for displaying vulnerability or discussing their emotional struggles. Phrases like “man up” and “boys don’t cry” reinforce the idea that men must remain stoic and self-reliant at all times. This stigma creates barriers to seeking help, leading many men to suffer in silence.







information source: https://www.healthassured.org/blog/international-mens-health-week-2024/

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