It’s National Walking Month!



May is National Walking Month 2024, a campaign to encourage people across all ages and backgrounds to get outside and embrace the simple, yet profound health benefits of walking. This month-long event is the perfect opportunity to explore the great outdoors, improve fitness, your mental health and connect with others in a healthy, enjoyable way.



What is National Walking Month?


National Walking Month is an annual initiative that promotes walking as a free, easy, and accessible form of exercise and transportation. The event encourages individuals, communities, and organizations to host walking challenges, share walking routes, and raise awareness about the health benefits associated with regular walking.



When is National Walking Month?


National Walking Month takes place throughout May. During this time, various activities and challenges are organized to inspire people to walk more, whether it’s for commuting, leisure, or health.



How to Get Involved


  • Participate in Walking Challenges: Join local or online walking challenges to stay motivated and connect with a community of walkers.
  • Organize Group Walks: Set up walking groups with friends, family, or coworkers to explore local parks, nature trails, or urban walks together.
  • Share Your Walks on Social Media: Use social media to post pictures, routes, and stories from your walks to inspire others to join in.
  • Encourage Walking Meetings: If you work in an office, suggest walking meetings to combine work with physical activity.
  • Support Walking Charities: Engage with charities that promote walking and active lifestyles, either through volunteering or fundraising.




History of the Event



National Walking Month was started by health and transportation groups to combat the increasing sedentary lifestyle seen in modern societies and to promote sustainable transportation. It has since grown into a widely recognized event that celebrates the numerous benefits of walking.



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Information source – https://www.awarenessdays.com/awareness-days-calendar/national-walking-month-2024/

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