Latest exciting news from Woody’s Lodge

We are thrilled to share the latest updates on the projects we’re working on at Woody’s Lodge, a support hub dedicated to Armed Forces Veterans, Emergency Service Personnel, and their families.

Firstly, our Digital Archive Day has been providing numerous benefits to our veterans, ranging from the preservation of personal military histories to fostering therapeutic engagement and social interaction. This platform allows their stories and legacies to be shared and cherished by future generations. Our next digital archive day is Saturday 23rd September 2023 10am – 4pm. I would like to invite any veteran or family member or collector with WW2 memorabilia to attend Woody’s Lodge whereby we can digitally archive and preserve our history from this historical period.

Concurrently, we’re developing a comprehensive database of the Royal Navy Ships Associations. This project is vital for encouraging communication and collaboration, preserving the valuable histories of various associations, and ensuring the inspiring legacies of our servicemen and servicewomen continue to educate and inspire future generations.

Alongside these projects, we’re heavily involved with the Flat Holm Project in partnership with Cardiff Harbour Authority. The aim here is twofold: preserving and maintaining the island’s rich military heritage, and offering a peaceful respite location for our veterans. The island’s historical significance combined with its tranquil environment offers a unique therapeutic and restorative experience for those who served in the military.

Our primary service is providing support and guidance to veterans and their families. This includes helping with pension claims, housing applications, employment support, and even advice on managing finances. We aim to be a one-stop hub for all the assistance our veterans might need.

We’re immensely proud of our work at Woody’s Lodge and the dedication of our veterans contributing to these projects. As we continue to support these individuals who’ve selflessly served our country, we’re excited about sharing more updates on our ongoing efforts and the profound impact they have on our community.

If anyone would like more information on these projects, please contact Alan Jones at [email protected]

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