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The menopause is a key workplace issue, for which all managers need to develop a greater understanding. Managers can find it difficult to discuss the menopause with their staff, usually due to a lack of understanding and fear they may make things worse. Poor management can exacerbate these problems by not providing employees with the necessary support and reasonable adjustments.

Focusing on the experience of living and working with the menopause, this event will share practical ways of engaging with your workforce and good practice in developing and implementing a workplace policy

We will discuss the symptoms and misconceptions of the menopause through live stories from our guest speakers, as well as employer responsibilities and the support mechanisms available to employees



Event Details


Venue: Delivered digitally via Zoom

Date: 05/10/2023

Time: 09:30 – 12:30

Price: £115.00 per person

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Business Need


  • line managers, supervisors and team leaders
  • HR professionals
  • business owners
  • Trade Union/employee representatives
  • individuals who wish to further their professional development


Suitable For


Whilst the symptoms of the menopause, and their impact on working life, can vary widely, for some, it can result in increased absence and lower levels of engagement and productivity.

Organisations where employees can talk openly about the menopause and feel supported, are more likely to attract and retain a diverse and inclusive workforce. They can also benefit from reduced absence levels and improved employee retention.




Chair – Malcolm Phillips – Acas Customer Solutions Lead

Sharon MacArthur – owner of Miss Menopause, Sharon’s mission is to make the menopause business as usual. Sharon will share useful information about menopause in the workplace. Her focus is on practical ways of getting people to take action.

Susan Clews – Acas CEO -Susan will talk about her experience of menopause and work.

Helen Tomlinson – Head of Talent, (UK & Ireland), at the Adecco Group, Helen has been appointed to the independent role of Menopause Champion by the Department for Work and Pensions. Helen will share good practice on the menopause and the work she led to develop and introduce a menopause policy with Adecco.

Tamar Hughes – Phoenix Group – Workplace good practice.



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