Mark Collard Radio Performance – Thursday 1st February

‘ Hi my name is Mark W Collard I am a singer, songwriter, poet & storyteller living in the Vale of Glamorgan, UK. I live with anxiety, ocd and depression.
I use a combination of poetry, spokenword & mixed music genres to express myself.
I have written a number of poems & songs including a concept album called “Sitting On The Edge Of My Bed” which explores my innermost feelings and thoughts.
If you would like to find out more about my music & poetry then please pop over to my website where you will also find a link to my Vevo/youtube music channel.
Thank you kindly. ‘

Mark will also be featured on Bro Radio today

Thursday 1st February which¬† “Time To Talk Day” which is supported by “Time to Change Wales”.

Mark explains it is an opportunity to talk about mental health and tackle the stigma that still exists around mental health.




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