National Coastwatch Volunteers Wanted

News from NCI Nell’s Point

Last year was a very busy time for our volunteer watchkeepers at Nell’s Point with a number of incidents to help deal with from swimmers in difficulty through paddleboarders to small craft losing power. Our role in these is to inform the Coastguard, respond to their requests and monitor the situation as help arrives. We are expecting another busy year! Good news is that the station at Nell’s Point is finally open to the public following closure during the pandemic. This is at the watchkeeper’s discretion or we can arrange an organised visit! We are also looking for volunteers, if interested please email Nick at [email protected].

Training will be carried out, at the local station, with experienced watchkeepers whilst on watch. An assessment to demonstrate knowledge of all the required competences will take place once the volunteer is ready and the trainer is confident that the volunteer will become an effective watchkeeper.

The training is designed not only to make volunteers efficient watchkeepers of value to the community but also to increase their general knowledge of maritime matters.

All members of a watchstation are not only expected to carry out regular watchkeeping duties but also to attend station meetings and fund-raising events.
Meetings may be held to conduct training or hold general meetings etc. They also provide members an opportunity to meet together other than when on watch.
As each station is responsible for raising sufficient funds to meet its running costs, fund raising events are vital for the efficient upkeep of the station.
NCI watchkeepers are an important part of the national search and rescue organisation and play a vital part in the safety of coastal users.

If you are using the coast, please take care and if you can see our lookout, we can see you!

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