Side by Side Men’s Suicide Prevention Discovery Workshop in Cardiff

Riverside Terrace, Principality Stadium, Cardiff, CF10 1NS

 Sat 2nd December 2023


SIDE BY SIDE – All Wales Men’s Suicide & Self Harm Prevention Discovery Workshop 2023
Please note: This an event for men (those who identify as male) to attend. We are planning a similar event in North Wales in March 2024. Details to follow.


Principality Stadium Cardiff – Saturday, December 2nd, 2023    10 am – 4 pm
THIS IS A FREE EVENT FOR MEN who are members of groups, group leaders or men who are interested in establishing groups. We are partnering with National Suicide and Self Harm Prevention Team to host an All-Wales Men’s Suicide Prevention Discovery Workshop. This is a grassroots event that is being developed by men for men. Together we will explore men’s needs, identify barriers, enhance collaboration and share best practices, ultimately, to inform future planning and amplify our impact.


Embark on a Collective Journey of Discovery
We will applaud the unsung heroes – sheds, clubs, groups, mental health initiatives and circles already changing lives. Let’s collectively amplify our voices, explore what’s working, our challenges, identify the gaps and needs. Recognising that no single group possesses all the answers, together, we embark on a journey of discovery to find a way forward.


Discover, Share, and Chart Our Course
SIDE BY SIDE is designed to supercharge skills, share best practices, and foster collaboration. Share the challenges you face, unveil the impact of your activities, and discuss the potential benefits of collaboration.


The Discovery Workshop Invites You to:


  • Embark on a Collective Journey: What works in your group? What challenges do your members face?
  • Identify support that is geared for men
  • Coordinate Efforts across Wales: Unite for a stronger impact.
  • Encourage Collaboration: Emphasise unity over competition.
  • Support Initiatives: Amplify existing projects and foster new endeavours.
  • Practical Steps: Guidance on grants, funding, and promotional assistance.
  • Break Barriers: Encourage collaboration beyond boundaries.
  • Create ‘Deeper’ Spaces: share tools for meaningful connections. Create dynamic spaces for personal and collective growth.
  • Leverage Influence: Empower attendees to influence men’s health policy.




Join the Movement for Change!


Don’t miss SIDE BY SIDE: unlocking our community’s potential, where men thrive, support each other, and make a lasting impact. This is a call to action; your presence can turn the tide for the better. Book your free ticket below to join us as we collectively discover the way forward!



Proposed Programme for the Day
10:00     Doors open, social time
10:30     Safe Space Begins (no entry after 10:30 am please): Introduction and experiential process of various models of practice to support men feeling safe to share
12:30     Lunch Break
1:30       Presentations by various men’s groups and Helpu
2:30      Breakout Session: Forging a Way Forward – what actions can we collaboratively take to support each other and the people that attend our groups enhancing men’s support across Wales.
3:30     Plenary Session: What We Have Learned and Open Mic Session



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