Solace- Cardiff & Vale UHB

1 Park Road, Whitchurch, Cardiff, CF14 7BP
Tel: 029 2052 9848 (helpline)
Tel: 029 2052 9832 (office)

Janice Becquer-Moreno, Solace Manager
Hazel Kennedy, Dementia Care Advisor Lead
Melanie Jefferies, Dementia Care Advisor
Sian Barlow, Dementia Care Advisor
Helena Robertson Reid, Volunteer & Carer Coordinator
Janine Edson, Administrative Support

Solace is a service within Cardiff & Vale UHB and is supported by Cardiff & Vale Health Charity.

Solace exists to provide support to carers and those diagnosed with dementia, depression or severe later life mental illness, with the aim to help prevent admission to hospital and deterioration in relation to being in hospital.

Support Services provided by Solace

Carer Support Groups
A number of weekly and monthly carer support groups, with a wide range of activities, run from the Solace base and within the Cardiff and Vale community, for carers to either come on their own or with those they care for.

Carers Educational Forum
This is an informative discussion group for the carer to attend, which follows 14 regular sessions to raise their awareness of the diagnosed condition. Subjects covered include carer stress, available services, changes in the brain and behaviour, as well as speakers from other organisations.

Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST)
This course runs alongside the Carers Educational Forum and is for the person with the diagnosis of dementia. It is based on ‘Making a Difference’ – a researched and recognised therapy for those with dementia.

“Mindful of Memories” Workshop
This is a skills based carer training course. It consists of the following workshops:

  1. Helping others to understand dementia
  2. Bringing meaningful activity to daily life
  3. Understanding behaviour in dementia
  4. Helping with physical care and promoting independence

One-to-one Support
By appointment only; one-to-one support sessions can be arranged at the Solace base or at the carers own home.

Information and Signposting
Solace has access to a wealth of literature that is relevant to those in a caring capacity, as well as information about other organisations which may be helpful.

Confidential Telephone Support line
The support line is open from 9am until 5pm Monday to Friday. There is an answer machine also for out of hours and all messages will be returned.

All calls and visits to Solace will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and all callers have the right to remain anonymous.


Referrals can be made via self-referral, a friend or relative, G.Ps, Community Health Teams for Older People, Memory Teams and departments within the Cardiff & Vale University Health Board.

Last Updated: February 2017
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